CastleStorm is coming to Steam PC in July

CastleStorm coming to Steam

While Xbox 360 gamers have been enjoying CastleStorm for a while now, PC gamers are about to get a taste of the 2D physics/destruction game on July 29th.

CastleStorm is coming to Steam and will sell for $10, unless you preorder, in which case you can save 10%.

If you are looking for a very reasonably priced physics game for your PC, read some reviews, and watch some videos.  It’s coming soon.

CastleStorm Review from EL33TONLINE

Another Review for CastleStorm, this one from el33tonline

“Once upon a time on a console not so far away, there was a wonderful land with an on-going war between the Knights and the Vikings… until each faction received a special gem that brought peace to the world. This harmony didn’t last, however, although if it had we wouldn’t have seen this wonderful game!

CastleStorm is very unique, and by ‘unique’ I mean it’s not like anything I have ever played before. Zen Studios is the mastermind behind it, and because it’s not just another pinball game I was interested from the start to see what the team could deliver.”

EL33TONLINE.COM CastleStorm Review